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  • Mrs Deb White (Tuesdays & Wednesdays)
  • Mrs Jenny Philpot (Monday - Friday)

Careers at Finley High School

Year 9

  • Tax file Numbers - students are encouraged in Year 9 to apply for a Tax File Number. These can be organised through the school. Forms can be obtained and returned to  the Careers Advisers.
  • Introduction To The World Of Work
  • Investigating Work Choices
  • Developing E Portfolios
  • Real Game

Year 10

  • Career Interest Test
  • Job Investigation
  • School To Work
  • Subject Selection
  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Work Experience

Year 11

  • My Career Match Personality Profiling
  • Job Matching
  • Preparing For The Workplace
  • Mock Interviews
  • My Future Exit Plan Development
  • Study Skills

Year 12

  • Career Planning - Transition
  • Where to Next - Post School Options
  • Tertiary Education - What to Expect
  • Tertiary Education Application Processes

As a parent how can I help my student with careers

Some suggestions that you may be able to follow to support your son / daughter in making Career decisions are outlined below:

  • Encourage your children to get the most out of education and introducing the concept of lifelong learning 
  • Talk to them regularly about different occupations. Encourage them to 'think outside the square' , eg encourage them to investigate occupations that they may not know a lot about, especially ones that do not exist in the town we live in.  The more you can expose them to different Careers the better
  • Challenge stereotypes
  • Talk about your own experiences and career decisions  and pathways
  • Ask them to come and get a 'Job Guide' from the Careers Office. Take the time to read through this, and use it as a starting point when talking about different Careers
  • Encourage them to attend any Careers Expo's/Open Days etc that are available to them eg: School Tertiary Excursion, Shepparton Year 10 Careers Day, Bandiana Army Trades Day, CSU My Day, Berrigan Shire Employment Expo, Tertiary Open Days
  • Encourage them to start thinking about Work Experience. They will be required to organise two separate placements for Year 10, but the sooner they start thinking about it the better
  • If your son/daughter is in Year 12, encourage them to come and talk to Mrs White or Mrs Philpot