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Visiting Authors & Illustrators

Every year the library staff invite an author or illustrator to come to the school for a couple of days to do talks or workshops with the students.

Please meet our guests since 2007:-

2020    Joe Williams - Author

2011     Alice Pung - Author

  Alice Pung's books in library

Alice's new book will be out in September 2011.  It is about her father.

2010      Paul Stafford - Author

  Paul Stafford's books in the library

2009      Ritva Voutila - Illustrator

 Books with Ritva Voutila's illustrations in the library

2009      Craig Smith - Illustrator

 Craig Smith's work can be found in these books in the school

2009      Steven Herrick - Author

 Steven Herrick's books and CDs in the library

2008     James Roy - Author

 James Roy's books in the library

2007      J. C. Burke - Author

 J.C. Burke's books and CDs in the library

J.C. Burke's new book "Pig Boy" will be out in May 2011. Jane sent the school an advanced copy as she did some of her research for the book while she was visiting Finley High School.  We wish her well with the book and thank her for the signed copy.

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