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Commerce 9-10

Commerce Outline

Commerce is an elective course offered in years 9 and 10 covering a range of topics. It a course that offers students the skill, knowledge and the understanding to make effective and informed decisions in a variety of contexts including commercial, financial, legal and employment. Throughout the course students are encouraged to develop a range of problem-solving and decision-making skills to allow them to make correct consumer decisions and also become life long learners. It is also a course where students are able to apply the content knowledge to real-life situations and contexts.

There are two courses which students can undertake in Commerce:

  • 100 hours- Students will study two mandatory core topics and a minimum of three options over a year.
  • 200 hours- Students will study four mandatory core topics and a minimum of five options over two years.

Core topics covered in Commerce are broken into Core one and Core two:

  • Core one covers Consumer Choice and Personal Finance.
  • Core two covers Law and Society and Employment Issues

Options which students can choose to study from include the following:

  • Investing
  • Promoting and Selling
  • E-Commerce
  • Global Links
  • Towards Independence
  • Political Involvement
  • Travel
  • Law in Action
  • Our Economy
  • Community Participation
  • Running a Business
  • School-developed option

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Students will complete a range of assessments throughout the course. The assessments are designed to incorporate a variety of skills such as problem-solving and to be as relevant and real-life as they can be for the students. For example in the Travel topic students will have the opportunity to research their own Round the World adventure including airfares, accommodation, duration, things to see and do etc.


When studying Law and Society and Law in Action students will have the opportunity to consolidate their understanding of the Australian legal system by attending court proceedings in either the local Finley Courthouse or go to the Magistrates, County or Supreme Courts in Melbourne. From previous experience students gain a valuable understanding of the courts and extends their interest into this topic.

Australian Share market

Students are entered into the ASX Share market game twice throughout the year. Competing in this national competition allows students to increase their financial literacy skills and understanding of the Australian Share market.

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